How can I add lots to my quotation request?
Did you buy several lots at one or more online auctions, with the same or different dates of collection? Then we can collect your lots and deliver them all at the same time. That way you will save on transport costs. Additionally, you will only need to be at home one day for receiving the lots. You can add the extra lots via your LeKo account.

Where can I find the lot numbers?
The lot number is indicated on the invoice you received from BVA Auctions. You can also find this information when you log into your BVA account. The lot numbers are indicated in front of the description of the product.

How can I request a quotation?
Fill in the form on our website and indicate the lot number(s) and your address. Within 24 hours you will receive a quotation via email. And during office hours usually even faster!

How can I change a quotation?
The quotation is valid until the collection date. Has the number of lots reduced, then tick the box of that lot in your LeKo account and you will see the new – reduced – quote immediately. Do you want to add another lot, please send an email to or fill in a new request for a quotation via the form. You will receive a new quotation within a few hours.

HHow can I cancel a quotation?
Quotations are valid until the collection date. If you do not confirm or do not react then the quotation will be cancelled automatically.

How do I create an account at LeKo Expeditie?
In order to change your quotations and transport data, it is necessary to create an account at LeKo Expeditie. Create your account directly online on this page. FFill in the necessary data and check it thoroughly. Then accept the general conditions by ticking the box. After finishing all stages, you will receive an email on the indicated e-mail address. Then click on the link to confirm your account.

I have forgotten the password to my account at LeKo Expeditie
You can create a new username and/or password by clicking on ‘Forgot your password?’. Insert your e-mail adress and confirm by clicking on the button ´Reset your password´. You will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password. Choose your new username and/or password in the new box. Confirm by clicking on “Save”. You can use your new username and/or new password immediately.

Confirm a quotation

How can I turn a quotation into an order?
To execute your quotation, we need proof that the lots have been awarded to you. You can provide this by uploading the BVA invoice as a PDF-file in your account. We will then contact BVA, check all details and your payment to BVA. You will also have to pay our invoice. When everything is settled, we will collect your lots on the collection day.

How can I combine lots with another quotation?
As long as we haven’t delivered the lots yet, you can still add lots to your quotation to combine deliveries and save costs on transport. Request a new quotation for the extra lots and make an announcemnt in the form . and we will add this to your previous request. This way you’ll save on transport costs. Additionally, you only need to be home once to receive the lots.

How can I combine lots with another order?
Did you buy more lots at one or more online auctions, with the same or different collection dates? Then we can gather the lots and deliver them to you in one transport. This way you’ll save on transport costs. Additionally, you only need to be home once to receive the lots. You can ask for a new quotation for the extra lots through the form (make an announcemnt to combine orders) and we will combine them with your previous order.

Can I indicate preferred delivery dates?
We plan our routes one day ahead (the Netherlands). You will receive an email about the time of delivery. Is this time inconvenient for you? Please let us know directly via email so we can plan a new date, where we shall try to comply with your wishes. If you have not reacted to our delivery proposal, we will call you en route. If we do not succeed we will plan a new delivery date. For delivery abroad: we will indicate approximate dates for delivery, it is not always possible to give you exact info, as we work with third parties. We have instructed our subcontractors to give you the necessary information.

How do I know where my order is?
In your LeKo account you can see the status of your order. There are 7 stages:
1. Payment necessary. Your order has not been paid yet. Please arrange payment of the LeKo Expeditie invoice.
2. Auction location. Your order is still at the auction location. We will soon collect it.
3. Collected. Your order has been collected.
4. Distribution center. Your order is at the distribution center and will soon be delivered.
5. Delivery proposal. We have sent you an e-mail with a proposal for delivery.
6. Shipped. Your order is en route to your delivery address(es).
7. Delivered. Your order is delivered at your address(es).

How can I track my shipment?
Small packages will be sent through the GLS network. In that case you will receive a track-and-trace code by email. All big and fragile shipments will be delivered by us. In your LeKo account you can see where your shipment is. One day before delivery we will send you an email about the expected time of arrival. When our driver is en route and becomes delayed unexpectedly, he will call you (for instance, due to traffic).

Can my lot be delivered with urgency?
Do you need your lots urgently? Please contact us and we will check the possibilities.

Can I indicate a different delivery address?
When requesting a quotation, you can indicate a different delivery address. We do not deliver at P.O boxes.

How long does it take to deliver my goods?
We will deliver your lots within 8 business days (in the Netherlands and Belgium) after collection. For deliveries in the EU we deliver within 2-3 weeks, depending on distance. Our collection date may vary from the regular collection date indicated on the BVA website, we arrange these collections with BVA. Delivery of shipments is only possible on weekdays.

Do you also deliver goods abroad?
Yes, we transport goods throughout the world. When desired, we can store goods temporarily, until more goods are gathered for combined delivery. For transport outside the EU we will also take care of customs formalities.

Can you also disassemble goods?
The disassembly of goods will only be done when we know beforehand whether this is necessary to get them out of the premises or at your request. In that case the disassembly will be included in our price.

Will you assemble goods on location? (only possible within The Netherlands)
If you want us to assemble the lots on location, you will need to indicate this in your request for a quotation. This is not included in our price.

Do you deliver on upper floors?(only possible within The Netherlands)
Standard delivery is on the ground floor only or, in apartment buildings where a large elevator is present, at the front door of the apartment. Do you want us to deliver on a higher floor or is your apartment building not fitted with an elevator? Please indicate this in your request for a quotation.


How can I pay your invoice?
Do you use internet banking by any Dutch bank (ABN AMRO, Fortis, Postbank, Rabobank or SNS)? Then you can pay directly via iDEAL. Your payment is quick and easy in your own trusted banking environment. The money is directly transferred to our account. Payments from abroad can be done by wire transfer.

Customer service

Where can I ask questions, report suggestions or send complaints?
Please send your questions, suggestions or complaints mentioning your reference/customer number through email to You will receive a response within five business days.

LeKo Expeditie cannot be held responsible for wear and tear of used goods. We check the goods for damages upon collection. However, the functioning of goods is not checked.

What are your office-hours?

We are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am until 5 pm. You can reach us by phone: + 31 72 5404108 or by e-mail.

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