Rent temporary storage space in Alkmaar

- Do you want to store your office inventory during renovation works?
- Do you want to store your shop’s stock elsewhere?
- Do you need space for your webshop's stock?
- Do you need somewhere to store your archives?
- Do you want to collect shipments to ship them all together later on?
- Do you want to store your furniture while staying at a temporary home?
- Do you want to store your construction material and collect it when needed during a build?

3500 m2 secured storage space in Alkmaar

There are dozens of situations imaginable in which renting storage space is a good solution. You don’t have to find your own storage space. We offer an economical solution. You can rent a secure and conditioned space to store your inventory, shop stock, work material or other goods. Leko Expeditie has over 3.500 m2 of secure storage space in Alkmaar. You can store goods on pallets or in furniture boxes with us. We’ll deliver your goods on call on the address specified by you in the Netherlands or abroad. For example, we can deliver you webshop’s orders.

Contact us to rent storage space

Rent storage space with us. Contact us at 0031 72 540 41 08 or send an e-mail.

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